Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


In line with the Oasis’ Education Charter, the curriculum is the heart of our academy’s educational provision. Through this - and our commitment to an exceptional climate for learning and great pedagogy - we make learning the foundation of every lesson. We have designed our curriculum to meet the needs of all, striving for personal as well as academic and vocational excellence. We are recognised as an establishment which works thoroughly to enable all students to achieve their personal best. We aim to provide all students with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life. Through our ambitious curriculum we will achieve outcomes that give everyone freedom of choice at each stage of their development.

The Oasis ethos and 9 Habits are a foundation stone to the design and delivery of our curriculum. We know that the development of character happens through purpose and intention and must therefore be an explicit part of our curriculum. We work hard at “Striving for Excellence”, preparing our students to be the best version of themselves not just for today but for their futures too. We are proud to be recognised as providing strong career guidance which has enabled all students to be prepared for their next stage in education, employment or training.

Our knowledge-rich curriculum and our commitment to the Oasis ethos and Nine Habits is supported by our Trust’s policies on Learning and Behaviour for Learning and the work of our National Lead Practitioners and Leads for Learning Innovation. As a result we embrace the national curriculum with breadth and ambition.

Our curriculum has been designed to ensure our young people thrive, achieve and flourish. It enables them to understand what it is to be human and equips them for life so that they become kind and model citizens. Our curriculum not only develops our young people academically but socially, emotionally, culturally, physically and spiritually. At Oasis Academy Sholing we teach a broad range of subjects throughout key stage three, giving learning pathway choices at the end of year 9.

Whilst our knowledge-rich curriculum is designed to ensure the very best academic outcomes for our young people using the latest research in how the brain and memory works, it is about so much more than simply securing great results.  It is about our academy’s determination to achieve excellence with equity and integrity: where we bring advantage to the disadvantaged, addressing gaps in pupil knowledge and skills, where barriers to learning are successfully overcome and there are no limits to the achievement and ambition of our most able.

Our academy focus will be on providing students with a broad and ambitious academic and vocational curriculum throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. As a commitment to that breadth and ambition we intend that at least 75% of Year 10 students follow an EBacc curriculum by 2022. 

Each subject area has a clear ambition for the knowledge and skills the students will have gained throughout their programmes of study.  You can view these by clicking the subject links on this page.

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