Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Lessons at Oasis Sholing are planned in detail and delivered using evidence-based teaching methods ensuring that students learn more, do more and remember more of what is taught.

Research shows that without practice newly learnt information is quickly forgotten. Therefore, homework set will normally be based around retrieval practice (remembering what has been learnt) from previous lessons and topics.

For more on retrieval practice please watch the video.

Homework activities which are short and regular are proven to have the highest impact on learning, with longer unstructured activities like projects having much less impact.

At Oasis Sholing homework is set on Microsoft Teams, which students can access on their iPads, or via They should log in with their school email address which usually takes the form and their password which is the same password that they use to access the school network. Students then go to “Assignments”, to access the appropriate homework. Please watch these three videos to see how homework is set, and how students can access the different services we use:


Homework is an important part of learning and so teachers expect students to complete it, but completing it should not be a stressful experience for the students. If you have any questions about homework, please contact your child’s subject teacher or tutor in the first instance.

MS Teams Homework Survey

To download our 2023-24 homework timetable click here.

For more on the research and rationale behind homework, please click here.


Sparx Maths

Sparx is our great new online homework platform! Here is a video that explains how to log into Sparx for the first time.