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Great news!

Great news!

In this time of uncertainty for us all, we wanted to share with you some great feedback and comments.

In this time of uncertainty for us all, we wanted to share with you some great feedback and comments.


Update from the English team

"I have had so much contact from students, who are diligently doing their work - over 100 emails yesterday! At the end of the week, the first piece to be marked will come in from all year groups."

I also had some work emailed to me from Freya in Year 11. She had created a beautiful thesis statement and great planning for Romeo and Juliet."


Udpate from MFL

"It has been amazing too in MFL, where students have asked for advice and help to register onto Memrise since Friday afternoon non-stop! I also had some Year 7 French students who did not wait for today to receive their French work to complete, they created some tasks from the last resources given to them last lesson and sent me pictures of their completed work - brilliant."

Year 9 French students, were sent work yesterday lunch time involving a developed writing task and by 3pm I had already received 4 good pieces of work."

I'm so proud - It's amazing how students are taking their remote learning seriously and wasted no time to engage and learn."


Words of thanks from parents

"Just wanted to take a moment to express a deep felt gratitude for the staff working with the school’s SEN children. The information and dedication shown these last few days has been absolutely amazing.  It means a lot to me to know that my child is still well cared for even when the situation, like the one we are facing, is full of uncertainty for everyone. The stress that everyone must has gone through, in order to prepare learning support for all students during this time, has not gone unnoticed."

"Thank you for all of the help and support you have providing Thomas and myself with this year."
"Thank you once again for how everyone in the school has helped Ross."
"In the unfortunate event Tyler doesn’t return I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your help over the years and wish you all the best in these difficult times."
"Thank you, Mr Misselbrook it’s very kind of you. You're a credit to this school and I am very grateful for your support."
"He really speaks highly of you (Mr Misselbrook), as I do and you have been an amazing source of support for Kieron. I hope you’re keeping well with all of this going on also."
"I would like to thank you and your LSAs for all your hard work you have put in with the boys."


Mr Brown commented;

"I am proud our dedicated staff who not only kept the school open, but also continue to provide a timetable and support our SEN and vulnerable students - what a team!"