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Introducing the new senior student team

Introducing the new senior student team

We are extremely proud to announce our Student Leadership Team for 2020/21.

Over the past few weeks students at Oasis Academy Sholing have sent in their applications to join our new student leadership team. This is a prestigious opportunity for our young people and an important part of our journey as we strive for excellence.

Last week saw 29 students attend the academy (as well as 3 by phone) for interviews with Mr Dale, our Head of Year 10 and our Principal, Mr Brown – socially distancing of course!

The standard has been incredibly high, and all students were confident, articulate and compassionate. As a result, we are pleased to announce our Student Leadership Team for 2020/21.

Head Team

Head Girl - Holly Wilds
Head Boy - Max Ward

Deputy Head Girl - Maizie Rielly
Deputy Head Girl - Abi Wilson
Deputy Head Boy - Fletcher Cornwall

Heads of Boards

Head of Culture - Livia Caplen
Head of Communications - Harry King
Head of Environment - Anna Grubb
Head of Teaching and Learning - Ruby Baker
Head of Wellbeing - Megan Reynolds

Senior Department Prefects

English - Kika Piper (Wellbeing)
Maths - Daisy Kitcher (Environment)
Science - Abi Morrison (Teaching and Learning)
History - Beth Jenkins (Communication)
Geography - Jake Featherstone (Teaching and Learning)
Art - Grace Barrett (Culture)
Performing Arts - Caitlin Martin (Culture)
Technology - Sophie Paynter (Wellbeing)
Media Studies - Ece Erturk (Communication)

Heads of House

Aqua - Ashleigh Barker and Henry Brown
Ignis - Chloe Joyce and Sydney Burke
Terra - Imogen Culwick and Ben Lewis
Ventus - Mia Addison and Abby Ryles

Transition Prefects

Mia Butler
Emily Field
Anna-Maria Fassoli
Alfie Fletcher
Josh Gosling

Mr Dale - Head of Year 10 commented;

"I was incredibly proud of all the students we interviewed last week.  Every single one of them showed passion for driving the school forward, pride in their achievements and a level of confidence and maturity that was really impressive to see.  In a time where there is so much uncertainty in the world, it was really inspiring to see so many of our students want to take on leadership roles, where they will help make a difference to their peers, the academy and the wider community.  I think we have here one of the strongest senior teams in my 10 years at Sholing and I look forward to working with them all next year."

Mr Brown said;

"I continue to be stunned by the calibre of our student leadership team members. Throughout the process all of candidates were professional both in their dress and in their interview. I observed young adults who have vision and ambition and recognise that they will be leaders in an unpredictable world. It is note-worthy to see that all students recognised that mental health and well-being should be no.1 priority and that it is “ok not to be ok”. It was a difficult task to appoint our key leaders with so many individual strengths and I know some will be disappointed however every student delivered their personal best and a few adults could learn from their professionalism!"

Comments from the students;

“I want to help make this year group memorable, and make the year memorable for all of us”

 “I want to help lead next year and ensure that students feel trusted and respected”

“I really want to help Year 7 as a priority as next year will be twice as hard for them”

“I want to show everyone how far I have come since year 7 and give back to the school who have helped me a lot”

“I want to show people that different doesn’t mean worse.  Why be the same and follow others when you can forge your own path”

“I would hope to make people more kind.  Kindness costs nothing and one kind comment can make someones day”

It is so important for our young people to feel empowered and have the opportunity to share their views. We want all students to feel proud to be a part of this academy’s community, therefore we give all of our students the opportunity to be a part of the student leadership team.

We are so proud of these students and we are extremely excited to work with them during their time as Year 11.