Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Spirited Arts Competition

Spirited Arts Competition

Year 7 students take part in Spirited Arts competition.

This term, our Year 7 students have enjoyed Religious Studies lessons on Spirited Arts. They were then given the opportunity to create a piece of artwork focusing on two themes and enter a local competition.

The two themes for the artwork competition were:

Theme 1: Where is God?: Everywhere, anywhere, no where?

Theme 2: Windows on the soul

  • If you look in the window of your soul, what do you see? 
  • If you look out from the window of your soul, then what? 
  • Does the ‘window of the soul’ open in life, through music, by being spiritual, or only at death? 
  • Does the spirit or the soul even exist? 
  • What do the different religions teach in their scriptures about our spiritual side, our human nature, our souls?

Students could create their artwork in various ways: art, music, poetry, dance, drama or photography.

Academy Principal, Mr Brown, reviewed the artwork and selected our top 10 entries to be put forward to the Southampton RE panel to be judged locally.


The Year 7 Spirited Arts finalists enjoyed celebrations with the Principal to recognise their achievement. The students were presented with certificates, prizes and cake! Mr Brown also announced the top 3 winners. Well done to:

1st place Gurman R £15 Love to Shop voucher

2nd place Ella B £10 Love to Shop voucher

3rd Place Elena C £5 Love to Shop voucher