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UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge

Student invited to the finals at Oxford University.

Between the 4th – 15th November students here at Oasis Academy Sholing were among the 260,814 students taking part in the UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge. 

The 40 minute challenge is a set of 18 questions designed to test the students’ problem solving and logical thinking skills, all of which are important for the study of Computer Science.

The challenge is sponsored by Oxford University, with the top 60 performing students in each age category being invited to the university for the day to take part in some further challenges. The top 10% nationally go on to the next round of challenges set by the university, but take place in school.

This is the third year that we have taken part and the results are in!

Blake Richardson in Year 11, with a score of 189 has been invited to Oxford University in February. This puts Blake into the top 60 in his age category. In this group there were 914 students from Hampshire and 22731 from across the country.  This is the second time in three years that we have sent a student to the finals at Oxford University.

A further 12 students were in the top 10% nationally for their age group and will be invited to take part in the next round of the competition at the Academy in March 2020.

Congratulations to Blake and to all of our students involved.