Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Open Event 2020

Thank you for your interest in Oasis Academy Sholing. Please click on the tabs below to watch our virtual tour, hear from the Academy Principal and our amazing students and staff. Please take a look around our website and read our Academy Prospectus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase uniform?

The full list of uniform can be found on the website and is available to purchase from Wearabouts in Woolston.

Will I be able to talk to someone about my child?

It is important that you keep in touch with us at the academy so that we can ensure your child feels supported and can reach their potential.  Your child’s tutor will be the first port of call and can be contacted via email or by telephoning the front office.  There are also pastoral support officers who will be on hand to help students who and if your query is subject specific you can of course contact any of your child’s teachers.

How will my child be challenged in lessons?

All of our lessons are planned using a four part lesson plan, connection, activation, demonstration and consolidation.  Students are encouraged to connect new learning through recalling prior knowledge that is related and linked to the new topic.  They are then drilled in this new knowledge to embed it into long term memory, enabling them to apply it independently.

How will my child be challenged in lessons?

We use a simple 3 step approach to ensure we are actively seeking opportunities to extend all our students and make greater progress:

1 – 1 recap quiz question aimed at deepening knowledge

2 – 2 scripted, planned questions in the lesson aimed at making students think at a higher level

3 – Every 3rd re-teach session during exit ticket feedback involves pushing up rather than catching up

What happens if my child is ill?

You must contact the school as soon as possible to inform them that your child is unwell and will not be at school.  You will need to phone on each day of the absence.  On their return please supply a note with the reason for absence to be given to their tutor.

For a medical appointment please supply the appointment letter or card.

Is my child allowed to use their phone in school?

Phones are not permitted to be used in school.  If your child has to bring their phone to school for safety reasons then they should either be handed in to a member of staff for safe keeping or turned off and kept in the bottom of the school bag.

How do we pay for trips and lunches?

We are cashless now and all trip and lunches need to be paid via Scopay. You will be given an online link code when you join to set up an account. All the instructions for doing this will be in the letter.

If you are entitled to free school meals you can apply online via this link

What can my child eat at break time?

There are numerous snacks available at break time including a choice of hot pizza or pasta with various sauces, waffles and cookies.

What do school lunches consist of?

There is a choice of a vegetarian, jacket potato and filling and a hot meal of the day.  Alternatively your child can purchase a sandwich or a wrap.  For dessert we offer fresh fruit or a dessert of the day.  The chicken that we use is always halal.

How are allergens recorded?

You will be asked when you register your details with the school for any allergies that your child may have.  This will then be logged and flagged up at the till when your child pays for lunch to ensure they are never in contact with their allergen.


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